5870 and Crossfire compatibility?

I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and to pass the time and find something to look forward to other than the obvious coming home, I started buying up some parts on those "bad" days for a good gaming PC. I'm totally a baby when it comes to building but I figured what the hell.

My question is this: I purchased a Saphire HD 5870 and would like to Crossfire down the road. Is another 5870 the best option seeing as how they are now phasing out that card for the new 68** and 69** series? I don't get alot of interwebz time so it's kind of hard for me to research alot. Thanks for any suggestions and opinions you can give.

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  1. Well like you said there phasing them out so you can pick up a HD5870 for very cheap (£150). Crossfire scaling with the 5 series is good but not as good as the AMD 6 series or nVidia's SLI. If you can get a good price for your current HD5870 then maybe consider dual HD6950's
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