First Time Intel Based Gaming-PC(Help Needed)

Approximate Purchase Date: Anytime before October 25th, 2011

Budget Range: $1000-$2000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, fraps, video render/edit, surfing internet, movies and music, word processing

Preferred Website For Purchase: Any with shipping to the US

Country of Origin: United States

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: Yes
The parts I have already selected are as follows:
Bit Fenix Collosus Venom Case-$200.00
Western Digital Caviar Hard Drive (Size 1 Tb+)-$80.00+
Asus Internal DVD Burner-$20.00
2x Bit Fenix Spectre Non-Led 140 mm fan-$40.00
For this computer, I want to be able to play (Max Settings) and record (1080p) Battlefield 3 using fraps. Also, if the build is intel, I would prefer for it to be with a x58 mobo.
I'd appreciate any help given, as this is my first build and I need just about everything for it. Thanks.
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  1. what is your resolution?
  2. x58 is old, p67/z68 is the way to go!
  3. That will work then, honestly I just wanted it to be able to Hackintosh. But, should I go for i7 2600k or wait for bulldozer?
  4. 2600k. IMO bulldozer is like hl2 episode 3: NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
  5. hackintosh? and the 2500k is the best processor for gaming.
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