Need advice

My budget is 70-95 can go a little higher depends here is the ram thats and my system now so most be compatible.
I use a cooler master 430 elite case.

I want a mother board that don't run hot playing minor gaming 1920by 1080p
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  1. you didn't even tell us which cpu your using for the build.
  2. look harder LOL i use fx 4100 its and my Signature

    I'm thinking but how is the cooling on the north bridge on this baby I do not over clock at all
  3. joec_10 said:
    look harder LOL i use fx 4100 its and my Signature

    assuming that you think everybody knows you have 1 computer only and not building a new one O_o

    if the money includes the ram, then i wouldnt know. if it doesnt, somehing like the asrock 970 might do
  4. I hope it does I'm tired of seeing the North bridge being the hottest temps and my pc My cpu never goes above 53c Video card is like 59c Max load only if the temp readings don't work right on this mother board I have lol
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