No video in WMC, VLC, etc & IE and FF problems

Vista 64, 2 x GTX 260/216. I did the whole newbie thing of changing many items at once and now, of course, I have problems.

Tried to add 3 x 2GB of OCZ Reaper PC8500 to my existing two sticks on EVGA 780i mobo. Lots of problems booting, not recognizing all of RAM, boot issues, multiple hard reboots, etc. Had to "fix" HDDs and change around Sata connections for all HDDs to be recognized. Then had to run Vista Repair Start UP from install disk. Finally tested each stick in each slot and believe it is now narrowed down to 1 non-working stick and/or 1 non-working slot. I'm currently running 3 x 2GB with all 6GB recognized and working. I'll get around to memtest once I fix the following problem -

Installed newest Nvidia driver 270.51 from Guru 3d. No picture when playing DVDs or recorded media on any media player (audio is fine). Also - IE and FF both load but nothing shows in their box - see right through to the background. Chrome works fine. Uninstalled all browsers with Riva Uninstaller (Advanced setting) and reinstalled all 3 - no change. Chrome works, FF and IE don't.

Given I'm now down to graphics issues, are the no pic on replay AND issues w FF and IE9, could they be related?

Safe boot - ran driver sweeper, reboot into safe, install 266.58 driver - same issue. Back to safe and driver sweeper, then 270.51 - same issue.

Someone suggested it is my overlay settings, but AFAIK I didn't change anything, nor am I really sure how to get to them (Riva Tuner, maybe?). Even if I did somehow change settings, shouldn't they be reset to default with new driver install?

System restore didn't take, and now I can't go back far enough to the time before this problem began. This is killing me - any thoughts on how to fix?
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  1. 1) If you tested each stick individually, you would know if one had failed on you.
    2) Unless I'm mistaken, the 780i series of motherboards are all dual-channel motherboards. Why are you running three RAM modules? Again, unless I am mistaken, this forces the motherboard to run in single-channel mode. Maybe not the root of your problem, but certainly cutting into performance.

    EVGA 780i SLI FTW Motherboard Manual - Specifically Page 19
    EVGA 780i SLI Motherboard Manual - Specifically Page 22

    I would note that neither manual even offers an option of having three memory modules installed (only 1, 2, and 4).

    At this point, I'd probably strip the system down to it's bare essentials (single graphic card and only one memory module) and see if it boots properly. If that works, then add a second memory module (but not the third) and reboot. If that works, then add the second graphics card for your SLI configuration.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I initially ran each combo of sticks through boot up in slot 0 and slot 2. Every permutation (except any with stick 4 in slot 0) showed only 2GB, suggesting that either slot 0 or 2 was blown. The permutations with stick 4 in slot 0 didn't boot at all, suggesting stick 4 was bad, also. Just on a whim I tried sticks 1, 2 and 3 in slots 0, 1 and 3 and it booted up just fine, showing all 6GB of RAM. My hypothesis thus far is that both stick 4 and slot 2 are bad. Haven't had the initiative to check other permutations to check my hypothesis (after several hours spent testing in frustration, can you blame me?) Perhaps when I solve my video playback issue (more pressing at the moment) I'll go back and test further.

    I know manual says otherwise, but 3 sticks in slots 0, 1 and 3 seems to work for me so far. All 6GB recognized and boots up just fine.

    I've fixed the FF and IE9 issues by turning off hardware acceleration in each program. I'm still having the black screen with VLC and WMP on video playback, even after ensuring hardware acceleration is turned off in each of those. My driver (Nvidia 266.58) doesn't allow me to turn off hardware acceleration universally (the box is greyed out). Any further suggestions?

    Interestingly, WMC will show videos, but only in full screen mode. Any other setting remains black screen (audio remains fine). And no other player shows videos in any setting.
  3. VLC has been fixed! Had to change Video Output setting to DirectX (Direct Draw). Now I need to figure out how to do the same in WMC - it still only works in full screen setting.
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