Can you help me solve this logarithmic expression?

I'm learning how to solve logarithmic functions and equations in my college algebra class. This one is giving me a tough time, though, because it's not an equation or a function - it's just an expression. Can you help me solve it?

e^(2 ln π)

Thanks for any help you can provide.

π means "pi"
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  1. I certainly cant but i know a guy is like a search engine for math and science.
  2. I received the following satisfactory response on Yahoo! Answers.

    "mere expressions can't be "solved."
    this one doesn't even have a variable, however, so it can be evaluated.
    b^log_b(x) = x
    e^ln(π²) ← power rule

  3. Yup, that looks right. I haven't used any of that stuff since I got my degree in Computer Science ^_^
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