Could anyone help figure this out? When I load Win XP and format with NTFS, how do you go about formatting the Hard Drive back as Fat 32. When I use any software like Maxtor,My 98 rescue disk it does not see NTFS. I would like to format my drive from NTFS back to Fat 32 if I want to reload win98. any Ideas. Thanks Bruce
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  1. The conversion from FAT32 to NTFS is a one-way conversion. This is quite well-documented. And a Win98 startup disk cannot "see" NTFS-formatted partitions as anything except HPFS.

    I would suggest that you try out a third-party utility, such as Partition Magic 7.0. Then you can change the file system to whatever you wish.

    I would suggest that you back up your data before performing this kind of operation.

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