Super pi error

WIndows 7 Core i7 920 stock 4G pny single stick renaissance board

said not exact in round ?? wth does that mean?
i have been trying to fix a hard shut down problem and just got it in COD BO then tried this super pi then got the error. thought it was memory, so i replaced the old corsair xms3 with pny still same problem. have rma'd board once, selling GPU now, CPU will be the only thing that hasn't been seriously looked at. Its really hard to diagnose this problem especially since i think its the motherboard. it could make everything look bad. Ive always thought that CPU's are probably the most robust part of the system, was this wrong?
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  1. Are you overclocking your system?
    Not exact round means that the CPU did not give the right answer, did not calculate properly, so something is wrong. Usually it comes after overclocking and not giving your CPU enough voltage. Check the voltage on your CPU and make sure it is right. I would also try increasing the voltage a tiny bit to see if that makes it stable.
    It could also mean that your PSU is not good enough to supply your CPU with the power that it requires to operate properly.
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