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So in Dec 2010 I built my first pc. It booted and everything but the next day it blows up, after a couple days of frustration I replace the motherboard and it works again. This time I see that the crappy motherboard auto sets the cpu voltage too high and the cpu cooler I had was not the best. So I fix it and get a new cooler and everything is good. 3 months later my pc dies again, this time it was the cheap ram stick. I replace it and check voltages and set it at 1.8 V since its DDR2 but no it does not work. So I bump it to 1.9v which works. 3months (today) after that my system locks ups with some screeching noise from the speakers and I have to power it off by the psu switch. Now it will not post, fans, hhd and dvd turn on but no beeps or video. So I am thinking its the freaking ram again, switch it up no beeps or video. Breadboard it, nothing. Take both ram sticks out, nothing. Reseat cpu, nothing. So... now I have about 80dollars to my name and its gonna cost 40 for the pc tech to check the psu/mobo/cpu/ram and I cannot even replace it. It is my luck or because i bought cheap ass parts. Phenom I 9850, msi 785 gtm-e45, evga 460 gtx sc, corsair ddr2 2gb with some nobrand 2gb ddr2. Time to find a job....
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  1. Phenom 1? How much did all those parts cost you? Sounds like you did a pretty through troubleshoot. Were you monitoring temps? Possibly your CPU is done for? Will your bios at least come up or no?
  2. 400 for a barebones kit, upgraded psu $60, new graphics card $250 new case $80. I have dual monitors so i monitor my temps when im gaming, summer came along so I downclocked from like 2.9 to 2.75. Temps were 55 at load (61 max) so it was usually at 48-50ish. No beeps/video just fans running. This morning I had to get some food and left my pc on which i always do, when i come home i move my mouse and the screen freezes and a screeching noise from the speakers. There are no beeps even when the ram is out ( just mobo and cpu). I tried my old psu and its the same thing so its the cpu or mobo or both the psu. I dont wanna waste 40 bucks on the pc tech so he can test it.
  3. i would probably say the motherboard is gone, is there any load or extra weight on the board ? is it mounted down tight on all the stand-offs? i had a similar issue where because i hadn't fully screwed the motherboard down the weight broke the circuit inside the board rendering it useless,

    just a suggestion but could be worth looking into, other than that apart from bad connections causeing bad voltage regulations it seems unlikely this should of happened, also i've never killed a CPU through heat its almost impossible these days
  4. Man seems like you might have paid a bit much for an older phenom 1. Have you looked at the $500 system builder on this site?
  5. My heatsink is a huge beast and i do believe some of the screws were loose. Yeah it was my first build, I did not do much research and paid the price. Any suggestions for am2 boards? under 80 that is.
  6. brandondiep said:
    My heatsink is a huge beast and i do believe some of the screws were loose. Yeah it was my first build, I did not do much research and paid the price. Any suggestions for am2 boards? under 80 that is.

    I would just call it a loss and get at least an am3 and newer AM3 cpu. For a similar price you could get a i3 and cheap mobo though. Spending cash on an obsolete CPU and mobo would be a waste unless the difference in price is in no way affordable to you at all.
  7. I go to tiger direct today with my wallet about to get a new mobo, i bring my rig with me just incase. The dam thing posts and they check my psu and its good. I go home and put everything back together and everything is good. What happened?
  8. Dumb luck i guess? :D

    but for any part just be glad you dont have to shell out cash that is better use'd elsewhere, although i am intrigued to find out why... perhaps not "Certified" components so its just being awkward?

    technology fascinates me
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