Any point in a virtual ram disk for the Windows 7 page file?

I'm updating my system for the first time in about a billion years (in computer years), and I am wondering if there would be any benefit to having a small virtual ram-disk to put the windows 7 swap file on?

I plan on running 16 gig so it's unlikely that I'll run out doing any of the things that I typically do, but I'm not sure how efficient Windows 7 is about paging stuff to disk.

Oh, and does anybody know if the Intel Smart Response can be configured to use hardware raid-0 SSDs as the system cache? I could see putting a whole pile of those cheap, tiny SSDs together into a 64 gig cache but I'm not ready to use them as a primary system drive.
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  1. Sorry for the double post, I keep getting error messages when I try to post anything in the forum so I didn't see the message go through.
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