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RAM Frequency not changing in CPU Z after upgrade

Hi. I just installed 4x4gb of 2133mhz gskill ram on a asus z68 deluxe motherboard to replace 4x4gb of 1600mhz. When i went to cpu z to check my ram speeds the model # of my 2133 ram was there but it still said i have pc3-12800 installed and the mhz of each slot was somewhere between 800 and 1000 mhz. So i went into the bios and set the tweaking to manual and set the frequency at 2133 and manually set the dram voltage to 1.6v which is what my 2133 ram requires. The only progress i got was that under the memory tab in cpu-z under memory frequency it says 1066mhz but under the spd tab all the slots say pc3-12800 and the frequencies are not at 1066. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.:)
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    If CPU-Z is saying 1066 it is running at 2133.
  2. Should I be worried about the fact that the slots under the spd tab all say pc3-12800 (1600) and either way is there any way I can fix that? Thank you.
  3. I would not worry about it.
  4. Ok. Thank you. I did read a post after I posted my thread saying whatever it says on the memory tab is what is correct. Thanks!:)
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