Amdkmdap in windows 7 desplay driver stopped responding

my error is "desplay driver stopped responding and has recovered" im using windows 7 64 bit.. i just purchased this in mid of feb. and i have had the problem the hole time but cant rma because they say its not there card but i think it is. heres what i have put together to call MY computer

i have done EVERYTHING i have had ALL drivers new and old from the amd and sapphire sites. i have reinstalled windows 7 2 times all my games about 3 times moved my card down a slot in my motherboard. the error i have from windows 7 is # 404 amdkmdap someone please tell me a soulution iv spent too much money on this setup to have it fail this hard
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  1. Could you list the specs rather than use the wish list? People on another computer can't see the wish list you've set up.
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