120hz monitor, how do i tell?

i cant figure out how to tell if a monitor is 120hz or not. i can only find some monitors that say they are 120hz and some dont specify. can anyone help?
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  1. If it doesn't say it is, it isn't.
  2. thanks i was just making shure i wasnt missing anything. i am trying to find one under $400 and that seems easer said then done. anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Reason is simple: 120Hz monitors are generally designed for 3D applications, as they have to display the split images and 3D video and stuff fast enough to not cause visible delay (generally excludes stereoscopic 3D). This means very expensive components and thus the price rises. If you're not looking for specifically a 3D display, I'd not recommend looking at a 120Hz display, it's overkill. A normal LCD or LED panel is fine.
  4. I dont know what it is in $ but i used scan.co.uk to buy the parts for my pc, there is a 1080p 3D monitor on there for £150ish? I dont know if its god or bad for you but heres a link :)


    That site is UK but if you can find that monitor on one of your sites might be decent :)
  5. i heard you can get screen tearing if you have a set up that puts out around 90fps unless you have a good moniter? i am not looking for 3d but i heard that is only way to get the 120hz for the most part?
  6. http://www.amazon.com/LG-D2342P-PN-23-Inch-Widescreen-Passive/dp/B004WK3R4U

    You will struggle to get a non 3d monitor and 120Hz as it is generally unneccesary unless you are using 3D but this monitor it the same price as its 2D counterparts. I was going to get it but it was out of stock when i bought my monitor. If yuo have a system that can get upto that sort of FPS just use V-Sync, and if your really concerned just google this montor for reviews and see what people think :)
  7. Sorry dont use V-sync that would limit your fps to 60 stupid me... Just have a good look for issues with screen tearing with that monitor i wouldnt imagine it being too big a problem. I ended up getting the cheapest 24" 1080p monitor i could find and i use a gtx 580 pushing out 150+ fps in some of the older games i play and i see no screen tearing at all :)
  8. Thanks for the help.
  9. vsync will limit your fps to what ever hz your monitor is set at and thats not strictly 60- it can be anything from 29hz to 100hz for non 3d capable monitors... giving 29-100 fps from cards that can output em.
    as for you running a 580 and getting 150fps on older games... without tearing and no vsnc dont talk wet... unless you yourself have an eye problem the monitor will be tearing all over the place. please check what you spout b4 you post it coz you will just end up looking like a troll....

    OP! if the monitor isnt branded 120Hz then it isnt 120Hz as it is a big selling point. most if not all 120Hz monitors will say in bold lettering 120HZ 3D capable and then you should see what is a silly price next to it...
    you would be better off holding out till the no glasses needed 3d monitors arrive as its less stressful on the eyes...
    also 3d on a monitor is a bit of a gimmic as they can only give 2 or so inches of depth and subconsciously your brain will fight it, causing either headaches, dizzyness and with older people eyestrain due to the hardening of the eyes lenses...
  10. Screen tearing isn't something you can solve with a 120Hz screen - I can promise you will get tearing in resource-intensive games on any larger-than-normal display, which is why you get V-Sync. This will limit the framerate to the native screen refresh rate though, meaning your graphics card will attempt to run the game at 120 FPS, probably killing your machine in the process (unless you have a superb GPU setup).

    Once again: V-Sync synchronizes the vertical refresh rate from your GPU with the refresh rate from the display, so if you get a 120Hz display and you want to V-Sync a maxed-out Crysis 2 game, you're going to need a graphics card capable of running Crysis 2 at 120Hz, or you'll start lagging. Badly.

    EDIT: Damn. Beaten by HEXiT. These ninja's... :P
  11. i am getting a 570 superclocked gpu, what would be a good screen. my primary game will be WOW.

    if i am understanding right the only refresh rate i need to worry about is the vertical hz, and the benchmark says it will reach 98 fps on the 1920 x 1080 res.
  12. so if i can push 98 fps and i vsync with a 75hz monitor i will get 75 fps right?
  13. Yes, more or less. But I'd still get a normal 60Hz LED display for gaming. With a low response time, it will limit ghosting as well.
  14. so 60hz vertical led is a good choice thanks for the help.
  15. 50Hz/60Hz or w/e would depend on where you are in the world and what screen you are buying. What I'm getting at: Don't worry about the refresh rate too much. Get a normal screen and use it to your heart's content :)
  16. ok thanks for the help.
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