Asus xonar dx vs d1?

I there
I dont know what soudn card i should purchase
I have two x16 pcie slots ( one ocuppied of course) and two pci slots( one occuppied two)
I ordered the xonar dx since the pcie is a very fast and powerful slot but im worried
that it will harm my gpui performance since i have a crossfirte mobo.
What do you guys think?
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  1. 1: PCI-E is a serial link; each slot has its own bandwidth, so putting soemthing else in a PCI-E slot will not affect any other PCI-E components.

    2: The ONLY difference between the D1 and DX is that the DX uses a PCI->PCI-E bridge chip to allow the DX to use a PCI-E interface. As a result, the DX also needs a 4-pin power connector. Aside from that, they are exactly the same.
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