How to get an old case.

Hi guys, ive been thinking, is it possible to get a discontinuied case?

In my case im in Spain trying to get a Thermaltake Mozart TX.
Ive been trying the typical locations: Ebay, retail resellers, but so far no luck. Any ideas where i could widen my search?

Thx in advance.
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  1. First off ill say its a really nice case =] but i highly doubt you'll be able to get one, maybe if ur lucky someone on these forums might have one for sale but ur all the way in spain =/
  2. Yeah, im almost totally screwd, eventually ill make my own case if needed :D.
  3. Well, lets talk to my bank tomrrow and figure out if its worth a try, thanks man.
  4. Unfortunatelly that sit seems to be a fraudulent Site.
    So... im fucked :D.
  5. I think that grabbing a few sheets of 1mm Aluminium and acrylic and firing up the workshop is a great plan personally,
  6. Much extra work required, especially screws mate :D.
    If not that, i would have done it A LONG time ago.
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