My pc screen freeze and!!!

It happens mostly when i am playing games except for 1 time which it happen when i am surfing web..

The screen freezes but the sound continue to play. Sometimes it restart automatically while sometimes it just freeze until a hard restart.

My pc:
Core 2 Quad Q8200
nVidia Geforce 9300GE

All these just happen suddenly and i had tried to scan my computer with AVG as i worry the problem is due to the virus but nothing had been found.

Anyway, Thx for helping!!
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  1. - check temperature
    vga and cpu
  2. how to check?
  3. Use hwmonitor, core temp etc .. Run bencmark / OCCT test your vga also cpu .. 10 minutes enough for checking, you will see max your temp, if your system freeze .. That is heat issue
  4. You didn't mention what psu you have. It is possible your psu is failing. Good luck.
  5. oic...thx. but from what i saw all my components are not exceeding the optimum temperature range..

    btw what is a psu?
  6. PSU is the power supply unit.
  7. now my problem is solved...i do not know why and how...but i appreciate all of the suggestions and helps above..thx guys..
  8. temperature is a big culprit. See if the fan is running. Alternatively follow steps here
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