8 beeps before system boots...same when coming out of sleep.


I have an gateway GM 5664. I upgraded my PS to 650w and my vid card to ATI HD 5770. when i turn on my system I get 8 solid beeps. They aren't quick enough to be a beep code, and they really aren't beeps...almost sound like "screeches". After 8 beeps it boots fine. I've ran HW tests on everything and everything checks out. Any clue how to get rid of this issue? I get a bluescreen about every 2-3 days that always references an ATI driver. my drivers are up to date and these "beeps" happen prior to POST...so I dont think drivers are the issue anyway. because the beeps happen prior to POST I am thinking there is simply an incompatibility with my mobo and the card.

Oh yeah, and this PS and Vid card work fine in my buddy's machine so it has got me thinking it is my mobo. Checked for BIOS update, but gateway website shows none. The mobo is 3 years old though so there is probably one somewhere.
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  1. What type of modem do you have? Could this 'screeching' be the handshake?
  2. Screeches? Have you checked out your hard drive or CD drives? Are you sure its coming from your mobo speaker? Take the side panel off your computer and try to figure out where this screech is coming from if its not coming from the mobo speaker.

    I have never heard of anything like that. I'm just shooting out ideas here.
  3. I do not have a phone modem...its not screeching like that. And the system only makes this sound with this particular card in. If I put my old HD2400 in it never makes this sound. The best way to descibe the screeching is that it sounds like electricity going though a faulty circuit of some kind. Like a high-pitched ringing in your ear, but this can be heard even with the side panel on. Its always 8 "beeps" and after the 8 the system boots fine.

    I have a feeling its some sort of frequency or voltage problem. Its almost like the pcie slot can't handle something about the card. I would return the card, but it works fine in my buddy's system, so I think its the board. Keep in mind I've swapped power supplies as well.

    Thanks for your replies and any input....
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