1st Home Build, Sandy Bridge, Feedback Wanted

Hey, Everyone

This is gonna be my 1st Home Build so I just wanted to get some tips and feedback. I haven't bought a computer in almost a decade. I got an Old Dell 4550 running a P4 2.4GHz...maxes out at 1g of ram and a 9800 Pro. So I'm ready to do this and I think I'm going all out at least on the processing side. I'm trying to do a SB Build. This is what I got so far - Antec 300 Illusion Case - $70 - Shipped - Case Has 4 Fans stock, 2 with LED - Corsair Enthusiast 750W $80 - Bronze - Is this enough for a future SSD, and Dual GTX 560 Ti's SLI and all the other equipment with my computer. Probably 2 HDD's and a CPU Cooler. - G.Skill RipJaws 2 x 4GB - 8GB Total DDR3 1600mhz $75 - Have read good reviews about brand and manufacturer $220 - Intel 2500K - Obviously Great Processor - $190 - ASRock Extreme4 - I liked the reviews I read, anyone know any different $65 - Samsung Blu-Ray Player, DVD Burner Combo- Had Good Reviews - Plays BR's and Burns everything else besides that. $60 - WD 500GB 6.0G 32mb Cache Cavier Black
I haven't picked which GFX Card I am going with. I'm torn between the 6950 or GTX 560Ti....Does Physx really matter that much to me, and now I have recently heard rumors of ATI blocking the flash that unlocks the GPU to make it almost an 6970....its still great card even if it can't do that. Thats around $250 - Hyper 212 Cooler - Just Hear its the best one ever...even if it is $50 now...Im open to alternates from peoples experience. - Thermal Paste $10 ...

I believe that is everything I need, I already have a 24in 1080p monitor, and keyboard, gaming mouse and speakers. I believe the total is around $1100, I just want to start with one GFX card at the moment, and I will upgrade to SLI or Crossfire in the future

Im open to everything, thanks for the your help and I hope I did this right

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  1. overall looks pretty good ...

    I believe that 750 watts should be sufficient for two GTX 560 Ti s. To make doubly sure you can punch your system specifications into a PSU requirement such as this one: Good quality PSU also - Seasonic OEM!

    I personally don't believe that Physx is that much of a big deal anyway ... so I'd be inclined to get a 6950 as it is a better for the price card than the 560 Ti IMO. There is also a (sneaky) way of running Physx on an AMD card but it cannot be guaranteed to work.

    That motherboard is fine. I generally like to buy either ASUS, MSI, or GIGABYTE as they have the best support but ASROCK is a division of ASUS so all is good.

    RAM ... I have that RAM - :)

    You might wish to get a SSD. They can really speed up your system. Not that necessary if you are only gaming

    Don't forget yr OS
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    A pair of GTX560Ti's needs about 30 amps, leaving plenty of capacity from your 750 watt PSU for the rest of your system.

    Because this is your first build, look at the following threads while you are waiting for your parts.
    Build it yourself:

    And although this primarily a troubleshooting thread, the first part contains a checklist that will catch most noob mistakes:
  3. Here's a build (Before MAIL-IN-REBATE):

    CPU : $220- i5-2500k (same as yours)

    Motherboard : $145- Gigabyte GA-Z68X( Slightly cheaper but has almost the same features)

    RAM : $75-GSkill ( Same as yours)

    HDD : $60-Seagate Barracuda 1TB (Same price but higher capacity)

    Power Supply : $110-Corsair TX750 (Same as yours)

    Cooler : $30-XigmaTake Gaia.
    Cheap and Good for your overclocking needs. performs similar to Hyper 212 Cooler.

    Case: $70- Your choice. i.e. Antec Illusion
    or Xclio NightHawk( the cheaper version of this case has been used in System Builder Marathon $1000 )

    Total (Without Graphic Card ) : 729 USD

    Graphic Card :
    (Around 370 USD)
    You have two choice:
    1.Get HIS 6950 2GB(250 USD). Later when you have more money get another one.
    Crossfire Performance of 6950
    Here's a thumbnail (1230 USD):

    2. If you dont't buy another graphic card, then with the saved money get an 64 GB SSD like Crucial M4 or OCZ Agility 3. Your choice.

    BENEFIT OF 6950 2GB : It can be unlocked to 6970. The 1 GB version cannot be. Here's a guide.

    Here's a thumbnail with Crucial M4 SSD and HIS 6950. (Total: 1094 USD)

    If you want the BLu-Ray drive you can get it, you will still remain around your budget.
  4. Hey, Everyone

    Thanks for the all the recommendations and links to savings. I'm gonna go ahead and go with the Samsung HD, everyone here seems to really like that. I am gonna think about switching to a P67 or a cheaper Z68 Board....I just feel like I'm going to use Quick Sync a lot in the future, and I think its a feature worth paying extra for and keeping.

    Thanks for the all Guides as well Z_4...I'm gonna read in to them now. I do want to get a SSD in the near future, but I believe I am gonna hold off on that till later.

    IS the Antec Illusion a fine performing case?...or has anyone had major problems with it.

  5. the antec illusion is a great case but for 70$ its on the edge of not being worth it.
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