1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4 mode, black)


I would like to ask about my motherboard P8Z77-V LX ( specifically on the part which says "x4 mode". If i were to crossfire on the slot would it means that it will have only bus speed of x4? Does it affect the performance greatly in this case? Would it be worth while to even add another graphic card at all in this case?

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    the difference between

    16x/4x and 8x/8x crossfire and sli is minimal. 8x/8x is better, but only by a margin of a few fps
  2. Im not too in on the ivy mobos but on sandy mobos, so probably on the ivys, you could assign the pcie lanes as 16/4 or 8/8 if you had a P or P mobo
  3. I see... thanks for the info guys..
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  6. Thanks jaquith, thats useful.
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