16GB 1600 or 32GB 1333 - VMware, Server 2003/2008, Gaming


I hoping to get a new computer but can't decide between 16GB 1600mhz or 32GB 1333mhz.

Computer usage:

- Virtual Enviornments with Virtual PC/Virtual Box/VMware.
- Installing Windows Server 2003/2008 as a Virtual Machine
- Gaming

My main enquiry is which option is best to smoothly run Windows Server with Hyper-V as a Virtual Machine and my main OS is Win7.

Any advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Will you use more than 16GB when running VMs? That determines if you need 32GB or not.
  2. Yes

    There's not a big difference between 1333/1600 in performance terms. There's a big difference when your VMs have to start swapping because you can't give them enough RAM

    With that said though it's perfectly possible to run 32GB at 1600 or higher if you have decent enough components (good motherboard is most important)
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