Is this even upgrade-able?

Hello again! I have yet another question about crappy old computers! :0

I'm currently stuck on a Gateway P-6860fx laptop. I bought this awhile back and used to game on it regularly. There was a time that I stopped using it and switched to my new pc but then that broke. Fun stuff eh? Well now I'm back to using the FX and it's just kinda horrible. I was wondering if there is a way I can upgrade it even though it's a laptop. Thanks.

- chris
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  1. Except for adding more memory, pretty much no.
  2. well it looks like I'm gonna have to just suck it up and stop trying to find solutions to old problems and just build a new PC. . now if only I could afford it ;) I'll surely use these forums to guide me! thanks
  3. You can easily upgrade the hard drive and the memory to 4GB if you have less than that. You might be able to upgrade the CPU that's only if your motherboard model supports something better. You would need the repair manual to see what CPUs are compatible with that motherboard and it would require you to take the whole thing apart. Even then it probably wouldn't be worth the effort :p. As for the GPU that's the best you are going to do.

    So what kind of PC do you have and what's wrong with it
  4. The kind of PC that fell down 3 flights of stairs when my friend was helping me move. Needless to say I let him go home after that.
  5. Ouch. Any salvageable parts?
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