Computer Crashed, not wont display or boot on monitor

was playing a game the other day and the computer froze up. i turned it off with the power button and upon attempting to restart the computer lights and fans came on, but no video.

after some troubleshooting I think the problem is in the ram, i have a set of 4gb corsair dominator 2x2gb. when i swapped them out individually one of them succesfully booted the computer like normal, no problem, but the other failed to boot the computer by itself. does this confirm that specific stick is bad? i cannot run any type of program to test the ram as the the computer will not boot up if this specific stick is in any of the memory slots.

the motherboard im using is a giga byte ga770taud3
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  1. Sounds like you nailed the problem katcherz,The test you ran is the one I would have recommended in the first place.Good thing you thought of it,Saved yourself a ton of headache and possibly cash too.I'd replace that stick of RAM as soon as you can and quick thinking on your part.
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