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Inexpensive way to get usb 3.0 up front on a case

I am finding it is cheaper to buy a usb 3 pci-e card then it is to buy a usb 3.0 hub that fits in one of the external drive bays up front.

why is that?

can anybody help me get usb 3 up front in the case for ease of access without just taping a male to female connector to the outside of the case.

I am trying to make something for people who want me to build them a pc
so i want it to be professional.

please post any links to inexpensive usb 3 hubs or anything else that might get me in the right direction

also I would consider just getting a better case that has this integrated.
currently I paid 40 dollars at amazon for my case and don't know if there are any cases that are a little bit more expensive that support usb 3

I am finding it difficult to search for usb 3 because i always get usb 2 results mixed in.

also i really only need one port if that is less expensive then 2 or 4 port solutions.
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  1. You dont say what motherboard you have or whether you have a USB3 Front Panel connector on the motherboard. Lacking such a connector you are forced to route a cable thru the rear of the PC to plug into the rear USB3 connector.

    In any case. I used this card reader with a usb3 slot.
    and though the usb3 is supposed to route thru the rear I used and internal usb3 header adapter and connected it there.
  2. Aloha
    the first link with the silverstone is nice. it looks like it has space for two ssd's also so its not just for the usb 3

    Its still $20


    You can get these for the same or even one is less.
    so the device that makes the usb 3.0 is less then the hub you need to buy up front.
  3. The card reader is a good idea and the price is getting to where i think it should be.

    I guess like i said before I could always run a cable up the back and along the top of the computer.

    the only thing i don't like about those is that it adds a bunch of drives to your system that are rarely used and just makes it more confusing if you actually have multiple drives with multiple partitions.
  4. has anybody seen anymore kits with both a usb 3 pci -e card and a front hub?
  5. thanks for that

    have you seen any of these front bay adapters with both esata and usb 3
  6. Yes, actually... see if below is what you are looking for:-

    USB 3.0 Front Panel All-in1 Card Reader with eSATA
  7. sure
    that is EXACTLY what I want.

    its just the price.
    it does not include the pci card to make the usb 3
    so total for setting that up would be $70

    if it had a pci card and was $40 then it would be priced correctly as far as i am concerned.

    or I can just manage with rear ports for $20

    that is the whole point of this thread

    its just too much money to make a simple move from front to back of the case.

    in fact for the $70 I can get a brand new case with esata and usb up front already.
    for 60

    instead of modifying my case and adding the ports upfront with your suggested item.
    40 for the case 70 for the upgrade
    so for 110

    or i can use the above options and get a much nicer case for much less money.

    I am using the cost of usb 3 pci cards as a gauge for what i should pay for usb up front.
    maybe that s the problem
    seems like those rear cards are dirt cheap
    and getting it up front is a problem

    maybe i need to get a custom one made in china and sell it for a reasonable price.
    might be some demand for that
    or not
  8. also I was looking at this for other people who might not be williing to change cases but would like to get a usb 3 upgrade to their current computer.
    some of those people have name brand computers like hp or dell and don't want a new case.
  9. Yes the price for all those USB 3.0 related products are still very expensive at this stage comparing to normal USB 2.0 products...

    They'll definitely become much cheaper later but we'll have to wait for a while now...
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    Silverstone EC03B USB 3.0 PCI-EXPRESS Card With USB 3.0 Front IO = the whole kit
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