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Do you need anything special to get GPS to work over bluetooth, i.e. special software or hardware, I just have a regual walmart bluetooth dongle and so far it is taking a century to get any GPS data on my PDA.
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  1. What are you doing exactly? Are you just trying to update maps on the PDA with bluetooth data transfer? Is this working but is slow?

    How big is the data, what PDA are you using? If it has the original bluetooth spec, it will be pretty slow.
  2. I learned and havn't done it yet that, I can recieve GPS data with special software for Windows because Windows doesn't support bluetooth GPS Macintosh does.

    I found out that I should order a GPS reciever which is different from a bluetooth GPS reciever I belive the GPS reciever gets data straigt from a satelite.

    I bought a car GPS reciever and tomtom maps + GPS software for my PDA, I have a Tungsten E2 from Palm.
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