Cannot Get Past Bios Boot Screen

My computer gets stuck on the blue HP bios screen. Whenever I try to press buttons on my keyboard to get into the boot menu/bios options (F keys), they do not respond. I cleared the CMOS and tried it again to no avail. Then I removed the hard drive and voila: I was able to press the F Keys to get into the boot menu/bios settings etc. I put a recovery disc in my cd/dvd drive and chose to boot off the cd drive. A black screen then appeared saying "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device". I pressed some buttons but the same message keeps appearing. Any help?

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't know what section to post this in so I just put it here. :P
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  1. was the computer working fine then this just happened one day or from the moment you got it.

    initial gut reaction is your hdd has failed..does it click during the blue post when the hdd is installed(and it freezes)?

    Also without the hdd are you able to get fully into the bios to check your settings?...

    I cant think which models have a blue bios post but, if you are able to get in without the hdd installed, perhaps you can set the hard drive settings manually and also if its the older IDE hdds check your jumper settings on the hdd, often if two devices on one IDE controller are set to the same (i.e "Master and master") instead of "master and slave" or "master/slave and cable select" things can start locking up.
  2. It would help to have more detailed system specs for us to help. Also like mentioned above it would help to know if this is a new build or something that just occurred sponatneously, or after new hardware has been added. Check this list too:
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