Graphic card matching

well I have motherboard
ASUS P45G41 TMLX with
CORE 2 QUAD 9300 Processosor
want to know that this graphic card from Nividia
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500
will work with this motherboard or not
will I insert the graphic card the motherboard didn,t display anything or start I think the motherboard is 1300 DDR3 supported I don,t know the speed and match of NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 here is the image of the garphic card
so will the both will work together or not ???
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  1. It will work. Just plug in the display connector to the new graphics card, then install drivers when you boot into Windows.

    Just wondering: Why do you need a workstation (Quadro) graphics card? 3D work?
  2. Beacause my brother send me free graphic card and Raptors ,so I should them for better performance
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