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Hello,I am using a intel dg41 wv motherboard with 2gb ddr3 1333mhz ram. This ram is working very fine with windows xp, but on installing windows 7, after the final restart of window 7-no desktop and get stuck on black screen from restarting at this position, mobo is giving 3 beeps with a pause after 3 beeps and it continues until the power is off. Is it a memory problem, but everything is fine with window xp?My ram is 1333Mhz corrsair ram but according to the intel it supports only 1066/800 MHz than why is 1333MHz ram is working with window xp? Or i have to replace my ram for window 7 from 1333 to 800MHz?
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    The ram should just down clock itself to the supported speed. It is a ram beep try using the suggestions here
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