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Hello, my acer3020 laptop recently started to flicker at startup. It's a second hand device and the battery is near dead (showing 1hrs+ time left, while practically that means 4mins). So it's always on net power when used.

Now when i shut off the laptop and don't power it for a day or so, on the next power up the windows screen is very dim and has a 'flickering dimness'. This will be between pretty much total black and slightly visible. Startup speed is not affected, i can see bios screen and win logo(barely), the flickering dimness will go on for upto 45 minutes with diminishing dimness and then it's completely fine. If i choose to use sleepmode and keep it on net power then i have no flicker on return.

The problem seems to be getting worse every time i totally power down for a longer period. It only occurs on startup, i've got no other issues with the laptop.

I've been messing around with desktop pc's for a long time, but this is my first laptop. I'm kinda afraid it's a hardware thing. Inverter/backlight? But I don't understand why it would only be at startup and then only for a certain period of time. I know there's a certain warm-up period, but 45 mins seems way too much even for faulty hardware.

Using winxp.
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  1. So what i want to know is: does anyone recognise the problem?
    Is it hardware related? What did you do?

    Acer aspire 3020 to be complete.
  2. Well the long and short of it sounds like the ccfl backlighting is starting to go!
    All the old screens both on desktop and laptop used tiny floresent tubes to light the screen..they fuction the same as the large tubes in you house or schools...
    After they reach they life axpectancy they start to flicker when turned on from cold.
    They can be replaced and so can the inverter. Here is a link to one of many just need to find out the number of the ccfls used in your laptop.
    Hope this helps...JQ
  3. Thanks for replying. I was thinking that a busted backlight would display problems on more occasions than at startup alone. But come to think of it, those old floresent light tubes work fine once they get past that startup jitter. I guess i wont power down anymore and start shopping for a new one then.
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