Will this Power Supply work with this motherboard setup?


Just a quick question about a PSU working with a motherboard. I am 99% sure it will work but having another set of eyes doesn't hurt when it comes to building a system.

I am using a server motherboard.

I will be equipped with 2 Quad core Xeon CPUs (E5504) and 12 Gigs of Ram ( 6 Gigs for each CPU )

I will be using an old Sound Blaster card in the PCI slot and a video card in the PCIeX16 slot. I Have not decided on the video card yet. For now, I will be throwing in an older GTS250

I'll be running an SSD for the boot drive and a 2TB for storage for now. Will most likely move to the onboard raid down the line

It will also house a sata DVD burner.

The only thing missing is the power supply.

Here is what I am thinking

It has the 3 connections to the motherboard I need. 1x24 pin and 2x8 pin

It also has a connection for the video card power. 600 Watts should be enough to power this system.

Can anyone see any issues with this as the power supply?

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  1. Did you read the feedback on that PSU! Low quality with no 80+ certification and passive pfc (input voltage selector switch)
  2. Ahhh, that I did not do. I was just happy to find a power supply that I could fit into a tower system that could power the board. Any suggestions on a reliable PSU or should I keep looking?
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  4. Thank you very much for the posts.

    I had no idea they made an 8-pin Y cable

    I'm glad I waited to pull the trigger until I posted here.

    That FSP600-80PSA really looks good as well.

    Thank you
  5. na the fsp is pretty mediocre

    i'd get this
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