How to have instant voice playback?

My friend's old computer would playback whatever he says in the microphone instantly through his speakers, he has no idea how it was, it was just like that ever since he plugged his microphone in years ago. Is there a way TO DO this without a program? I want to know why is it that only his computer seems to be doing it but no one elses.

I have already tries to mess with the volume settings, for sounds and audio devices, muting and unmuting some does nothing
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  1. it may depend on what soundcard you have and whether you are using a usb mic--have a look here
  2. plug in a mic, unmute it in sounds properties... there ya go.
  3. Windows should have an option that allows for microphone audio to be played back through the speakers; its usually hidden as one of the options for the audio input device from within the windows control panel.
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