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So basically I broke the part of my laptop that the fan plugs into off of the motherboard and it can't be soldered back on as one of the contacts has come off with it leaving the plastic of the motherboard underneath therefore I have no fan in the laptop. After putting it back together I turned it on only to see the windows logo appear as it started to boot up but during booting it shut down. I took it apart again to double check everything is where it should be (apart from the fan ofc), put it back together and it still turns off after a few seconds. Is there anyway I can work around this problem or is it completely wrecked?

p.s sorry if this is in the wrong section
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  1. Ouch, I feel your pain but unfortunately have no good news. With out that fan plugged in and working you may never get it to post. Some manufactures will not allow post w/o a working cpu fan. Did you replace your cpu, why did you have to take it all apart?
  2. Simply cleaning out the fan and replacing the thermal paste, the fan wire wouldn't release from the connection and it came off as I attempted to gently pry it free by wriggling it from side to side. I was surprised and very angry lol. I thought it would be past it but I'm now looking at buying the exact same model laptop that has a HDD problem and simply replacing it with my one so things are looking up :D
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