Deciding between 2 builds HELP

Should i get this and just install a 5450 myself, OC the proc to 3.0 GHz,

OR get this

The first comes to just under $300 without rebates, and the second is like $315 without rebates.

This is going to be for office use not gaming so the video card is pretty much just for multimonitor support and 1080p clarity.

Anyone else have a better build for around this price range let me know. Thanks in Advance
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  1. Well I would definitely go with the second one, seeing as it's pretty much the same but with higher quality components... I would do a few things though.
    -Change the PSU. A Xigmatek Asgard II and Antec 380w PSU are good together, costing about the same.
    -Get a mobo with USB3.0 and SataIII for upgrades later on (ie SSD or large external backup drive)

    And then yeah, you're good!
  2. Either will work but personally like the Newegg setup better.
  3. Thanks for the case and psu tip. Not gonna bother with the mobo though, this isnt going to be upgraded. The build is for my gf's mom, and she will get a laptop before an upgrade :-/

    Also realized i can't do math price is really $350.. oops.

    Any other thoughts?
  4. Could i get by with a triple core or dual core proc? or will the quad core be almost necessary? Also if quad core is the way to go, should i spend the extra 5 bucks to get the Phenom II over the Athlon II?
  5. You could definitely go with a dual/tri. Hang on for a second and I'll finish my build for ya.
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