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Which DDR2 memory speed is good

i want to know which DDR2 memory speed is good ,beacuse there are many such as 1333mhz, 800mhz etc...

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  1. 1333mhz faster.
  2. look at the sequence:
    DDR 266,400
    DDR2 667,800,1066(oc)
    DDR3 1333,1600,1866,2133 upto 2800mhz.
  3. can you get DDR2 at 1333mhz?
  4. absolutely no, however 1333mhz is DDR3 frequency didn't you see the sequence.
  5. is there a major difference in DDR2 to DDR3
  6. umar rehman said:
    is there a major difference in DDR2 to DDR3

    of course, look at the bench. Uploaded with" class="img lazy">
  7. U will not notice the speed difference.

    U should care to have enough of the RAM. 8GB is bare minimum to have the system running smoothly.

    And x64bit windows for more than 4GB RAM.
  8. thanks
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  10. There was a benchmark a while ago showing different speeds of ram, not even a 1fps difference in game going from 800ddr2 to 1866ddr3
  11. ooh!
  12. i dont know who to select as the best answer

    mouse24 ot xtreme5

    who should i choose
  13. xtreme, he commented more :)
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