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I have a cyberpowerpc computer with an i-5 2500K and an EVGA GTX 570. I also got the "Thermal Temperature Color LCD Display." The temps it shows are really low, like idling at >30C. And maxing out at around 40C. I thought it was low so I downloaded SpeedFan and a GPU monitor, and they say that I idle around 40C. What should I believe?

I have 2 intake fans, one in front and one on bottom. And two other fans, and a water cooling system. I also have the HAF 912 case.
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  1. Anybody know which is right?
  2. Depends where the TT unit is getting its info from,
    hardware monitor is a reliable read though, I found speedfan can be quirky sometimes
  3. Is there any way to tell?
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