Cannot boot from .iso files; cannot access BIOS.

I have just built a computer, which of course has an empty hard drive-this means no MBR, no anything. The computer seems to be detecting the hard drive, memory, cpu, and video card I installed. It simply won't boot iso files. My goal is to install fedora 15 on this computer. Regarding the BIOS: my motherboard is an ASrock, and their site says to hit F2 to access BIOS. This did not work.
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  1. are you talking about booting from a CD? you need to burn that .iso to a CD, and you need a valid windows 7 install code. you can also buy the retail version with the disk instead of just the key.
  2. I burned the .iso to the CD, I'm aware of how to do that. Also, I was planning on installing Fedora. I don't even think installing Windows would be doable, since it just won't boot off of any CD.
  3. are you sure the disc is bootable?
  4. As far as I know, it will boot on a mac. For the homebuilt computer, it will get to the part where it asks me how to boot. If I choose either boot, or verify then boot, it will show a small symbol in the center, that normally fills up, but it doesn't. There is no CD activity at all at this point. For a windows computer, I'm not sure how to boot from a CD. Hitting F12 and selecting to boot from a CD doesn't seem to work.
  5. Did you try setting your CD to first boot device in your bios? Ibleive it located in the Advanced settings.
    If so, when booting it should say press any key to boot from CD.
  6. If I don't put a CD with an iso into the computer, it will tell me to press any key or insert media with and os to restart the computer... I'm going to try and access the BIOS again; the ASrock site said F2, but I'll try others...
  7. A major breakthrough! I CAN access the UEFI! I have to hold the delete key (???).
  8. yes, the UEFI/BIOS usually use the buttons F1, F2, Del, Esc. any success from here?
  9. Yes, the delete key works.
  10. Also, it gives boot options. Number 1 is the hard drive, and 2 is the CD/DVD drive.
  11. Still can't boot from iso though.
  12. Here's what's more. I'm starting to look negatively at the CD drive. When I patched the its SATA cable (yes its a SATA drive) over from a 6 GB/s spot to a 3 GB/s spot, a white screen with possible messages I saw earlier, before reaching the frozen screen part was slowed down. It said: ata2.00: failed to resume link (SControl 0) <similar messages follow, with: ata1.01, ata 2.01, ata 1.00, etc.
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