This Motherboard and CPU?

Hey Toms!

Yep, I found this Motherboard, a small one for it capability: Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D3V Rev 2.0

I wanted this to fit with an I5 3570K. Is it possible WITHOUT a Bios update?

I ask simple because I already bought it, and I don't got a BIOS, then I start it up.

On Gigabytes homepage I found it should fit, and it only have 1 bios update, and no older ones. So it actually should fit, but I wanted to make sure.

Q: Is it possible WITHOUT a Bios update?


Thanks !
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  1. Please, I really need help can't figure it out..
  2. You need a BIOS update, and have to do it with a SB CPU. Sorry but you can't use an IB processor on the H67 without first updating the BIOS
  3. Chestera

    Since BIOS F4, which is the ONLY BIOS update there. not even a older one.

    Since F4 it supports Ivy / SB...

    I don't say you are wrong, but I believe that Gigabyte would had the older BIOS like always if there was any..
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