8 gb of ram and only 4 available

I recently installed a new mobo along with a new processor and ram. The ram is 2 x 4gb 1600mhz each. When i check the windows system stats it says that I have 8 gb of ram and that only 3.97 gb is currently being used. I've tried rearranging the Ram into different slots. The ram modules are the same and I have also re flashed my bios. What could be wrong?
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  1. 32bit or 64bit OS? 32 has 4GB ram limit.
  2. Check that you have a 64 bit OS like Rolli said.

    If you do, then go to start, and in the box type MSCONFIG, then go to the boot tab and hit advanced options. If there is a box checked there that is limiting the RAM to 4 GBs, get rid of it.

    If neither one of those things is the problem, then try to start the computer with one stick at a time. I recently saw a similar problem where the problem was a bad RAM stick.

    In regards to the last part there, go into the BIOS and see if it is listed as having dual channel active. If you have the sticks in the right slots and you can't get dual channel mode active, it is probably bad RAM.

    A program like MemTest86+ can also be run on each stick individually with the other removed in order to make sure they are good sticks.
  3. Thanks for your help. I am running 64 bit and I tried the first option and there was no box limiting my RAM. As for the sticks I don't think they are bad RAM since my computer recognizes 8 gb. however it's only using 4gb for some reason and not the full 8gb. I've done multiple processes that lead to the computer actually using all 8gb. But after some time it goes back to 4gb when I check. I don't think i'm hallucinating but that's just weird.
  4. Tell me the test method that lets you use the whole 8GB and how you are sure it is using the whole 8 GBs.
  5. Well I went and checked control panel >system and security> system which tells the specs of my computer. It literally says "Installed Memory (RAM) - 8.00 GB (3.97) usable"
  6. That is exactly the same thing the guy did who had a bad RAM stick and exactly why I told you to test the RAM in the first place.

    Tell me again exactly why you don't want to do this perfectly reasonable test that I requested?
  7. Sort of busy with a project. I will get to it after I'm done.
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