Better Value: Antec HCG 750 ($70) or Antec HCP 850 ($90)

I'm looking at a power supply for my friend and he was looking for a power supply under $100.

Antec HCG 750 for $70
Antec HCP 850 for $90
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  1. 750W for $70= $0.09 (approx.)/watt
    850W for $90= $0.11 (approx.)/watt

    The 750W is a better deal in terms of price per watt.
  2. Always read the PSU reviews before buying.
  3. Firstly, I can't believe that the HCP-850 is below $100, because that is a very nice unit indeed and usually it is much more expensive.

    Secondly what is the system that the unit would need to power? If that kind of wattage is justified then the HCP is the one he should get.
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