8800gt dead?

Hi, it looks like my vga started dying today. After I tried to connect a TV to tv-out connector the screen went crazy showing artifacts and the pc froze (or maybe just the display did). I plugged the monitor back the same way I had it before and it seemed to be OK. However, after a minute or two of gameplay it happened again. The same thing happened in FurMark but even sooner. I still can run internet browser and not-gpu heavy stuff without problems but once the 3d graphics get involved, the vga fails within minutes.

The card is quite old, around 3, maybe 4 years as well as the rest of the pc. It's not such a big deal since I've been thinking about a replacing it with a gtx560 anyways, but still, I'd like to know what's wrong and why. Any info appreciated.

Here is a pic from FurMark, in BFBC2 it looks the same.

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  1. Dead core, there isn't much you can do and just replace the card. The GTX 560 is a nice card and a Lot more powerful than your current card but uses close to twice the power. Will need a cpu that is 3ghz or more dual/quad or there will be a bottleneck in lower resolutions. Don't buy Palit or Gigabyte due to numerous cooling related issues.

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  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm still choosing between 560 and 570, either Asus or MSI. I'm just not sure whether the 100eur difference is worth it.
  3. I like Asus despite their cards being very large. Asus has been using tri slot coolers lately and they are very very good.
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