Upgrades to my system

This is my build so far
CPU- AMD phenom II 965 3.4ghz
RAM-4gb Corsair Dominator 1333mhz
MOBO- Asus m4n98td EVO
Gpu- MSI gtx 460 Hawk OCed
PSU-Ultra 750w PSU

now what im asking is what is the next upgrade i can get here are my thoughts on this
first off i need new faster ram preferably more than 4gb what should i go for what speed ram
2ndly i plan on getting another msi hawk yes no?
3rdly Processor upgrade or keep it the same????

ty for your time :D
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  1. Well. here's the lowdown. Your CPU is fine, I would buy a cooler (like the Hyper 212+) and overclock it a bit, but it's fine.
    The ram is excellent. 4GB is all you need. Overclock the ram to 1600MHz and you are good to go.
    Now, the hawk is a great card. I would definitely grab another one (maybe just the standard Twin Frozr II version, no difference especially since you are OCing) Your mobo is one of the rare ones that supports SLI. Good job.

    But, you will need a new PSU. Ultra is not a very good brand, and I doubt it will have the correct connectors. A nice brand name 750w PSU should do quite well. Check this one out: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371026&cm_re=antec_750-_-17-371-026-_-Product A very good PSU, it will work for sure.

    And that's all!
  2. Thanks i do have a large cooler already on my cpu just never got around to OCing it
    now with OCing the ram do i need to adjust voltages? at all or just bump it up to 1600 also should i change the timing to t2 instead of t1
  3. Umm, you should just bump the MHz... And set the timings to CAS 9 or CAS 8, whatever.
  4. Striker is right your RAM is perfectly fine. You wont see benefit from getting faster ram. But I think you would want to get an SSD. You will see huge performance gains for most things on your computer, such as system booting and loading times for games or programs.

    For OCing your ram, i would leave all the values on auto except the mhz which should be set to ddr3 800. There are all the timings and other stuff, but those can get messy and you should leave them alone unless you cant get it to be stable.
  5. yea im waiting for price to get more reasonable for ssd its decent but not what im looking for lol
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