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Im looking for a gaming desktop, trying to find a good one under $2000. I found good ones from alienware at around $2500-$2800 but I believe that most of that is me paying for brand name, and I would rather save money and get my desktop from somewhere else. If the desktop includes a monitor/keyboard, that would be helpful too, as I only have a laptop right now.... I am looking for something by the end of August/September, so it could even be a pre-order if it comes in by then...

I dont want to build my own, even though it might be cheaper, i have no clue how to and pls dont spam me with youtube tutorials and stuff cuz i just want to avoid that hastle. thx!
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  1. Alienware charges an immense amount for upgrades...like hundreds even thousands for memory upgrades that would cost you no more than 150-200 in the marketplace. You are smart to pass on them.

    I like what I have read/seen with regard to Falcon Northwest and Maingear from my own recent research (also in market for gaming rig).

    Get ready for people to reply to this with a "build your own its cheaper" type response, but if you want to buy to avoid the hastle (like me) I think Falcon & Maingear are good places to start looking.
  2. Ok, thanks... Yea a lot of ppl have suggested buying the parts myself and doing it like that (apparently its a lot cheaper) but i dont wanna do that cuz i dont have a ******* clue how too... LOL
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