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Having some trouble with a Gateway ML6720 keyboard. I have Vista on it. What is happening is when I type various letters additional letters show up. For example when I type 'a', it shows as 'qa', 'd' is 'ds', 'l' is 'lj', etc. Not all keys do this. And all but the combination of ‘u’ and <return> adjacent to the selected key. Also, when I press the decrease volume button it alternates mute and unmute. These buttons are not on the keyboard unit. I've already formated the drive and reinstalled windows, no fix or change, replaced the keyboard, no fix or change, and verified regional settngs, found set properly. I also uninstalled the keyboard driver and re booted, no help. I feel I'm left with replacement of the computer as an only option. Any other ideas?
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  1. Este suele ser el agua dentro de su teclado. Usted puede poner secar al sol o un golpe seco con un secador de pelo puede ser utilizado de nuevo . Espero que esto ayude (*^_^*)
  2. This is usually the water inside your keyboard. You can put it dry in the sun or blow dry it with a hair dryer can be used again
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