Windows 7 won't load after BIOS flash (asus M4A78 Pro)

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I just flashed my bios to the latest version for the M4A78 Pro (Version 1701), i thought it might benefit because i am upgrading the RAM. The flash was successful, however now when the system boots, windows hangs on the Starting Windows screen, i've reset the bios to the defaults and cleared the cmos, configured all the settings and it still hangs, it wont even let me repair from the install disc, after it loads the files it does the same thing, just hangs.. I attempted to flash back to the older version of the bios but it wont let me :(

Any thoughts on whats going on?
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  1. When you first install windows, did you set to IDE or AHCI mode? The new BIOS should be configured to the same so that it will be able to boot from the old install.
  2. It was set to IDE, I tried both modes but to no avail. I've gone through the bios settings over and over but nothing seems to work.. I don't know what else to do short of ordering a chip with the earlier version of the bios on it :(
  3. What about a fresh install of the OS? You can try it in a new HDD so as not to mess up the date in your current one.
  4. windows installation progress bar hangs at 100% when trying to install or repair from the disc
  5. Revert the BIOS back to an earlier version that 'did' work. Newer doesn't mean 'Better' and especially not with the BIOS.

    ONLY use ASUS EZ Flash 2 -

    Clearing CMOS, most folks don't do it correctly. Unplug the PSU for ~5 minutes for the PSU to discharge then using the 'Jumper' method and leave the Jumper for a minimum of 5 seconds (longer if fine less isn't); watch ->

    /edit - I read what you said and IF the BIOS updated correctly it should allow a downgrade if the BIOS is for your MOBO and from ASUS's site.
  6. One thing people often forget to do after updating the BIOS is to clear the CMOS memory. This is required because the new BIOS may use different memory locations for its settings. Always clear the CMOS memory correctly as described in the manual. Just removing the battery is not good enough on some motherboards.
  7. PSU was powered off and unplugged then CMOS jumper was set to clear for 30 seconds or so, everything in the BIOS was reset back to defaults.. EZ Flash wont let me downgrade to an earlier version
  8. Then AFUDOS ; see ->
    How To, references and files ->

  9. ERROR: BIOS does not support AFU. looks like im hosed.. :(
  10. IF your MOBO's DVD has a (.ROM) file in the main directory you might try ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 and last resort BUPDATER.

    ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 -

    Ref1 -
    Ref2 -

    Failure ... then you're SOL. Contact ASUS and there might be a User installable BIOS ROM.
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