Difference Between Dell Optiplex 755 and 780

Hi Mates
I am Using

Dell optiplex 755
Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz e6850 processor
Q35 Chipset
4gb ddr 2 667 mhz
500watt cooler Master
750 gb Sata
xfx Radeon hd 6770

will i be able to get some upgrade in Performance of Gaming, and others you better know.. if I get this

Dell optiplex 780
core 2 Quad 3.0ghz
q45 chipset
4gb ddr3 1333

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  1. plz help me
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  3. or i just make it simple... what is Pci Express Version in Dell 780? 2.0 or 1.0?
  4. You'll get MUCH WORSE performance.

    The GPU's coming with the optiplex are ***.
    If you plan on getting the 6770 inside th new 780, you'll most likely see same performance.

    Difference from the Quad's in 780 to the E6850 is minimal for your real life performance.
    Core for Core improvement is minimal.

    And most likely wont effect gaming at all.

    unless you do 3d video stuff ,but i doubt you do that.
  5. I already Have A XFx 6770 one with smaller size but i dont hink i getting good performance from GpU.. ok i was intending to get 780 because it has a 2.0 Pci Express slot.. while a 755 have 1.0Pci Express.. so ithought a 2.0 pci exress will give me maximum bandwidth of the gpu and 780 has ddr3 ram means more faster more bus speed than 755 ddr2 .. r u sure i wont get some good difference in performance
  6. the Chipset on 755 is q35 and 780 is q45
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  8. There's no way in hell your maxing out the 16x PCI-e 1.0 with that card.

    You won't feel much difference at all.

    Sure ram will help, but only by small percentages - which you will not notice.

    Youll pretty much just waste money.

    Id verger your old e6850 + the q35 chipset is choking a bit on teh 6770.

    Start looking into a budget i3/SB Build instead and pop in your 6770, you'll see actually use the performance and can live with it til your gpu needs an upgrade if you want more performance.

    You can probably get a budget thing going for the same price as the optiplex anyhow.

    I'd get a new PSU,MOBO,CASE,i3 and save the rest frmo the old optiplex.
    Value is just immense more.
  9. The only thing i am saying that dell 780 has Pci express 2.0 .. i have in 755 1.0.. will i still be unable get the max bandwidth on 780's Chipset
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  12. Where did you find a power supply for the 755 dt? I cant find anything but the origional 255 watt ones. I need 400 or 500 watts. totally lost...
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