PC Won't Turn ON

Hi guys, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, I just didn't know where to put it since I don't know what the problem is.

Today my brother told me that his keyboard and mouse (both wired) were cutting out quite frequently, he said he updated the drivers for the mouse, keyboard and USBports and the problem persisted. So I powered down his computer unplugged it and opened it up to look for any loose connections. Everything seemed to be ok, so I disconnected and reconnected all of the USB cables to be sure, I also cleaned out all of the dust.

I plugged the computer back in and turned on the back power switch and then went to power the computer up, and... nothing, no fans spinning, no computer sounds and no lights. The only sign of life is the green power LED on the motherboard when the PSU is switched on, so it is receiving power. I have checked the power connection to the MB and the power switch on the front of the case as well and they are both fine as far as I can tell. Would it be a good idea to test my PSU in his computer or would run the risk of damaging mine, if it's not his PSU that's the problem?

I will be out for the rest of the day but will try to check in on my phone when I can, and will try to provide any extra details if I can.

Thanks =)

System Specs
Windows 7 Pro 64
MB: ASUS P5B Green
CPU: Not too sure, it's an Intel dual core
PSU: Antec 350W
GPU: GeForce 7900GS DDR3 256MB
RAM: Kingston 512MBx2 and Kingston 1GBx2
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  1. I would try another power supply as this one may be failing. It would not hurt to try another one.
  2. I tried my own PSU in his PC, but it still didn't not power up. I then tried disconnecting his HDD and it booted just fine until asking me to select a boot disk, I then reconnected his PSU with the HDD hooked up and it would not start (no surprise) and then without the HDD and it still did not start. So as far as I can tell, both the HDD and the Power Supply are toast.

  3. is the HDD from an OEM system? or off eBay?
  4. It was OEM.
  5. was it from a previous system, eg pulled from a HP PC or was it bought OEM (eg off newegg)?
  6. He bought it through a local company like Newegg that ordered it.
  7. It sounds like the PSU and HDD is bad in your brother's computer.. Try the hard drive in your computer to see if it will boot. If not then it is bad.
  8. Is there any risk in connecting his HDD to my PC if is damaged?
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