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Hello, I need to upgrade a Optiplex 745 usff and it seems to ude a socket 965. Actual CPU dual core 3.4mghz . What will be my choises?
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  1. There is no socket 965. What you have is most likley a LGA775 socket with a Q965 chipset.

    From my research, thats the exact spec for your mobo:

    It looks as though the best CPU you can put into that machine would be a Core 2 Duo E6700. You probably have a Pentium D 940/945/950 right now but an upgrade to any of the Core 2 Duos CPUs would be a nice performance jump.

    You have up to a 1066MHz FSB option on that machine. But chances are you wont find anything for that socket as it is a very old socket (production stopped in about 2009).

    If you are looking for RAM upgrades then you can put up to 2 2GB DDR2 sticks in for a maximum of 4GB.

    HDD wise you can put any SATA based HDD into it and it will work or an SSD.
  2. Thanks for the info. Indeed, it id the chipset that fool me. I will have a go with those hints.
    By the way, stay away fron those Dell, it has taken me 1 1/2 year to find that can repair that machine in Perú. By now it is and museum piece!!!!There site is terrible, is like talking to a dumb robot, they make you keep you chasing your own tail. Beware!!!
  3. Trying to gather as much information as possible before investing in another processor that might even short out my system.
    Reviewing my computer specs:

    Processor, 80547, Celeron Prescott Desktop Socket T, 346 LGA, G1, Alternate. Socket 478
    Intel® Celeron® D 533 MHz FSB Socket T with XD and EM64T (300 series)

    im told to get only Socket 478 chips.
    im told to get E6000 versions.
    Socket 775, and even socket T,

    The Manuf: suggested the intel Core 2 Duo, yet all i find is socket 775 no 478.
    Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 1066MHz FSB Socket T with Dual Core technology XD, EM64T, 2MB and up to 4MB L2 cache, EIST and VT (E6000 series) (see the above line says socket T, and then E6000 series, what the heck is that translating to? Neither is 478 socket.

    Or this one.
    Dual channel shared DDR2 SDRAM system memory. Unbuffered, non-ECC DIMMs only
    800MHz 4 GB (2GB per channel) 800MHz: 12.8 GB/s with dual channel
    (800MHz not available in 2GB DIMM)

    So whats the deal? Socket 478, E6000 series which house 775 i believe, or Socket 775. or socket T, who can be trusted?? Im assuming the 478 socket can house the 775 connection. but i really dont know.

    please help.
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