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Hey guys,

So just a few minutes ago my desktop was running fine and all. I was opening and reading documents off my flash drive when all of a sudden it turned off and proceeded to restart. Upon passing the POST screen, it comes to an error page that says boot device not found. Just FYI I have a WD 250GB boot drive and two additional Samsung 1TB drives set up in RAID 1 NTFS.

So I look in BIOS for my boot drive and find it there and it says its working. However, when I try to set the WD boot drive as the first boot device, it does not show it as an option at all. Only my raid drive shows up along with removable drive, and cd drive.

I need some ideas as to what could have caused this. The WD drive is a few years old, but I don't think the drive would have just died like that; there were no previous cues for the hard drive starting to fail. It still shows up in BIOS and powers up.

I wanna hope that the MBR was somehow corrupted, which should be an easy repair I think if I can get my hands on the ISO file. Also, it's Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

Any other ideas/suggestions I could try? I can answer other questions for further clarification.
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  1. If the drive doesn't show in bios it is most likely going bad. You can try a new power cord and SATA cable to it to see if it shows in bios. If the drive doesn't show in bios it has nothing to do with the MBR. The MBR comes into play after the bios has loaded and the drive tries to get into Windows.
  2. The drive does show up in my hard drive list in BIOS. However, it does not show up as an option when selecting boot drive priority.
  3. Try changing the cables and lets hope that it is just a bad or loose cable and not a dead drive.

    If you remove the other drive cable does it allow you to try and boot off the HD you are having issues with?
  4. So I tried changing the cables around, and what do you know, it worked. At first I tried a cable from my data drive for the boot drive and it worked. Then I tried the old cable but in a new sata port, and it worked.

    Thanks! Now, are there any recommended hard drive programs that I can use to test the drive now for reliability?
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