Why does the green and red light on at the same time on a dq965gf

i hav a dq965gf intel board with intel core 2 quad 2.6ghz/1333mhz processor wont post,beep, boot and turns of automatically.....WTF INTEL brand!! it really pissed me off!!! help plz!!
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  1. Sorry I can't help you, since the board manual has no codes listed. I would register here: http://communities.intel.com/community/tech?iid=subhdr+communities_home and ask your question from Intel users; a tech support link is also listed.
  2. Won't post and won't beep? Well usually that means CPU issues. (Usually...)
  3. yes sir...and here's the thing that complicates sir...few months ago my bro this computer set with core 2 duo cpu installed it runs softly 4 how many months and suddenly 1 day when he wants to used the computer it wont turn on then he calls a technician to fix the problem and eventually the technician advised to change the cpu and they did change it into intel core2quad 2.6ghz/1333mhz and at first we are amazed because it runs the unit again...but unfortunately not even a month it runs...until now i am really confused what the hell is wrong w/this system unit because i tested the previous processor which is the core2dou and it runs in my other mobo... ur response is highly appreciated..thank you sir...
  4. As you can see, dell's don't upgrade easily. Your power supply may or may not be adequate, but before you spend any more, try your original cpu and see if it still works. If it does, I suggest you leave it alone. You may have the board going out or simply need to reset the bios, which can be done by removing the motherboard battery for one minute with the power supply unplugged, then reinstall. The board is fairly old; any board or power supply over four years old can fail at any time. I find parts sometimes on craigslist but you have to negotiate a decent price; some parts are priced too high. Good luck.
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