Asus P8H77-V or AsRock Z77 Extreme 4?

Hi all
I want to try building a mid-end system, with i5 3450 as the processor.
As you see, I don't do overclock, that's why I want your opinion on which motherboard should I use : Asus P8H77-V or AsRock Z77 Extreme 4?
Both have similar prices, and I don't really need the overclocking capabilities of Z77. Both support Lucid's Virtu, Smart Response.
Asus use Realtek® ALC887, AsRock use Realtek ALC898.

So, which is better in your opinion?

Thank you for your attention and help :)
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  1. I had asrock extreme 4 for my build. it looked pretty slick and easy to install. i'm going to say asrock just because i had it and from the reviews at new egg it seems to me its more popular than the asus.
  2. heh, since somehow Asus P8H77 is out of stock in my area right now, Asrock is way to go :D
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