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I have an HIS 6870 that the fan speed keeps getting stuck on. I go into the cataylst center and will up the fan speed to 50% when im gaming. A lot of the times when im done and want to lower the speed down to 25% for when the computer is just sitting there it wont let me. I will move the adjustment and it just does nothing until I reboot. It doesnt happen everytime, but enough to be quite annoying.
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  1. One thing that I did try was to get MSI afterburner to set the fan speeds. Though when I went to the website there was no program for windows 7 64bit only 32bit. Im i not looking in the right area or do they just not have one yet.
  2. Got MSI afterburner to install and set up a fanprofile. Seems to be working fine now as long as I have it up and running.
  3. It's CCC drivers.Their are some glitches with the new version and the 68xx series.I was going to suggest MSI Afterburner but you already have done that.
    Whats the reason for setting the manual fan speed?
  4. For some reason the fan was staying at 21% speed unless I went in and upped myself. My card was getting up to 90C so I started putting the fan on 50% myself before starting to play, and this kept the temps under 60. The problem was when I turned off the game and didnt want to listen to the fan anymore it wouldnt lower the speed no matter where i set it too. Though MSI afterburner has taken care of this so far, so hopefully I wont have to mess with it.
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    It's like that for all cards.Because the fan is so loud they have the fan speed set to a low number until it reaches critical temps then it will kick in and drop the temps.The max temp for the 6870 is around 100c so i'm betting if it gets to around 95c the fan will kick in.Even 40% at 95c will drop the temps to around 80c.These are the fail safe's that are in the BIOS within every card.You ahve nothing to worry about.
    Although i have done the same thing with my XFX 6870.I too have dl'd MSI AfterBurner and have a custom fan speed settings.I don't like it getting that hot at defualt speeds because it decrease's the cards life and makes other componets in my case heat up.
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