Radeon 6950 luggs empire total war, why?

My setup is as follows: Phenom II 720 @ 3.3Ghz NB @2.2Ghz 4GB ocz 1600 DDR 3 @ 6-6-6-24 1333mhz and a 2GB Radeon 6950.

Settings are 1920x1080 Ultra with 8x AA and 16X AF, If anyone knows of a total war benchmarking tool, let me know, but the frame rate absolutely CRAWLS, like under 15FPS and frame jerking ( I know of no better way to describe this).

Is the game that demanding? I'll update with more details as I test further, but when volumetric smoke is enabled, the ships vanish completely and the men inside appear to be floating above the sea, strange that my Radeon 4850 also had this strange rendering. My drivers are up to date. .

I have not been too impressed with this card to date. .it works well with World in Conflict though, as I can max out all settings and 24x AA without incidence.

Company of heroes Opposing Fronts has awful frame tearing no matter what I set V-Sync to from the video card menu (there is no setting for it in the game). This was not an issue with my Radeon 4850. .

Any help would be apprciated!
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  1. That is a demanding game, but I can play it just fine with a 4870. It may be the cpu, becuase that game likes good cpus. That game does have some bugs, but the only thing it did to me was crash.
  2. I'm playing at 1920x1080 Dadiggle, and 4ktv, what exactly do you mean by "good" cpu, my cpu spec is well beyond the recommended settings. Yeserday I had my clock @3.5Ghz and NB @2.4Ghz, just pushing the limit of my clock with minor voltage increases and it still ran like a dog.

    The screen tearing is really the main thing, I enjoy playing company of heroes a lot more than total war. .
  3. Do you have the latest ATI driver?

    It's a relatively new card, as new drivers are released performance can change significantly in certain games.

    With 8xAA and 16XAF I'm betting any video card would crawl. Try turning these down.
  4. That game is a beast.And since it is RTS game, it is bound to run like a crap like all RTS games does.Welcome to the world of gaming dude.Even if you spend a fortune buying a pc still there will be many games[console ports] which will run like a crap.
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